Smart Cities: Measuring public perception

Our urban centres are maturing and getting smarter. From Lisbon to London, Kolkata to Copenhagen, technology is becoming more and more embedded in our everyday lives. The pace of change will undoubtedly quicken in the coming years, as artificial intelligence and other technological advances continue rapidly expanding the many possibilities that can help societies tackle major challenges such as climate change, scarcity of resources, and traffic congestion. But how does the general public feel about smart city development? Do they realise that it is already taking place across the UK, or do many people still think it just sounds like something out of a science fiction novel? As seen with the vociferous opposition to the roll-out of low-traffic neighbourhoods in cities and towns throughout lockdown, buy-in from citizens is essential to the successful evolution of urban areas.

Download the report and:

    • Read how we uncover public attitudes towards and understanding of smart city concepts
    • Discover the technologies the public is most open to and most skeptical about
    • Understand how smart city technology already available can provide effective solutions to the public’s biggest gripes with their local urban centres