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Empowering Schools to Become Safer Spaces

The school year is poised to arrive with a unique set of challenges. Keeping people safe is our priority. To help you achieve that goal, we want to give educators in K-12 schools and university campuses a set of tools to check the pulse of safety readiness in their systems. Check out our Safety Readiness Guide. It includes assessments for providing safe learning environments for your students. Returning to the classroom means focusing once again on providing a safe, stable learning environment for your students — is your district ready?

Guidance on how to evaluate your current security solutions

A self-guided assessment for determining your school’s needs

Actionable insights on how video can improve school safety

Review necessary steps for preparing a security plan for K-12 schools or higher education campuses

Insights on video technologies and how to apply them on your campus

Links to additional external media and government resources