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Milestone Developer Conference 2021

November 16-17, 2021

Online event



Developers! Sharpen your already powerful skills



You’re already an ace developer. But with everyday work pressures, you may only be focusing on the tasks ahead. And finding it tough to catch up on new technologies, trends and best practices. The Milestone Developer Conference 2021 is the perfect opportunity to get up to speed and sharpen your skills.


Get inspired by the action-packed line up of speakers from Milestone and other companies we work closely with. Explore new possibilities and stimulate your mind with innovative approaches to video technology. Accelerate your learning with new tools, APIs, and frameworks.


We’ll also be sharing a sneak peek into what’s next from Milestone, and how to best turn it to your advantage in 2022.


Register below to save your seat.  We hope to see you there.


Come, build with us.

PS: Once again this year, we’re running this event 100% online for your safety.


The programme for the two days includes keynotes, live panels, conversation with a Milestone Developer Champion, and a long list of content-rich sessions:


  • Milestone Integration Platform VMS API Pre-release 
  • Integrating Intelligent Video Analytics with ease 
  • Video Analytics Integration samples by SmartCow, DataFromSky and Two-i
  • Protocol Integrations from Linux: Tips & Tricks
  • Using XProtect with Non-Video IoT devices utilizing Node-Red
  • Boost you AI Analytics with Intel OpenVINO and Milestone XProtect
  • Exploring the 3VisionD Plug-in, winner of Community Kickstarter Competition 2021
  • Milestone Integration Platform 101
  • Getting Started with MIP SDK & APIs
  • Make the most of the Open Platform – review of VMS and MIP API & SDK releases during 2021
  • H.264 Streaming from Mobile Server
  • Video Management Software Authentication – Introducing OAuth 2.0