Milestone APAC | Introducing Tiandy Cameras and solutions integrated with Milestone XProtect

30 Jul, 2020

1p.m | GMT +8


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About the webinar

Founded in 2004, Tiandy Technologies is a world-leading intelligent surveillance solution and service provider positioned in full color full time, ranking No.9 in the surveillance field.  

How they pursue high-quality products and develop various industry solutions, ranging from intelligent neighbourhood, intelligent traffic system, intelligent education, financial system, to water resource engineering etc.

Join us as our speakers present to you on how Tiandy integrates with Milestone XProtect into safety-centric intelligent solutions.



Wei Xinshuang

Milestone System

APAC Solutions Engineer




Ivan Wang

Tiandy Technologies Co.

Overseas Product Manager

Ivan has been in the video surveillance industry for many years.  He is in charge of overseas software projects and responsible for migration of cloud platform for global customers.