Online Training

Cybersecurity: XProtect VMS System set-up – “Good” level

March 12, 2024

10.00 - 11.30 AM (CET)



Online Training

This webinar has taken place, view the recording here


Your video surveillance cybersecurity needs to be as robust as your physical security. 
In this second online training in building cyber-resilience, we will share insights that build on the steps covered in our first webinar, to help you better protect yourself and your organization against cyber-attacks. 

We will cover:  

  1. The role of network switches and VLANs
  2. Encryption of video data at rest
  3. Device management (Advanced settings)
  4. Managing user access and privileges 


Many European organizations are currently auditing their security setups as a response to the European Union’s NIS2 directive, which comes into effect in October 2024. This directive provides legal measures to boost the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU. But double and triple-checking that the fundamentals are in place isn’t specific to Europe. It’s relevant to all organizations that utilize video security (CCTV). Additionally, most of the work that goes into securing the setup happens outside of the actual video management software (VMS). 



Carsten Bøgelund

Head of Security & Compliance

John Hertel Rasmussen

Platform Architect, Security and Compliance

Roy Band

Community Manager

Tatiana Pokrovskaya

Pan-EMEA Marketing Manager